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Neil Thomas Douglas

We met Neil at a wedding in Mar Hall and were instantly impressed with his magnificent facial hair and have since been blown away with his work.  A lovely down to earth guy with an unbelievable talent - We can't do him justice with a description on here, please check his website out and get a feel for one of the best photographers in the country.

Fiona was working as Neil Thomas Douglas second photographer when we met her but has an impressive portfolio of her own (she also took the picture of Neil with Roger Daltrey you see above!) Check out her website for more information on a lovely woman with a huge talent and have a look at her blog for some pictures of the most adorable wee dugs gatecrashing a wedding!

Anthony Neri is a fantastic photographer whose work is all over this website - he has taken all of our promotional photographs and we wouldn't trust anyone else to do half the job he can. 

He has impressed everyone who has worked with him due to his professionalism and his excellent body of work - a genuine good soul, he can't do enough for you and you will be delighted with the results.

Tony is also in a very talented wedding and function band called The Klones - check them out at